Bio Blasting Cleaning

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Building Something GreatBIO Cleaning Surface Preparation.

This surface preparation method is a safe and environmentally friendly way to remove dead paint, light rust and stains in an area where personnel are present and cleanup is a concern. By adding a water ring, all dust is eliminated and the surface is left clean to paint with a quick rinse.

This method takes the place of power tools, sandblasting, or hydro-blasting and is non-destructive to glass, plastic, and instrumentation. It can also be used for cleaning turbine parts, fin coolers, compressors, piping or just about any surface.

Environmentally Friendly BIO Cleaning

Baking soda blasting is EPA friendly and with no hazardous waste. This process is great inside a unit where personnel are around and cleanup is a concern. This method cleans and removes stains off galvanized, dead paint, and removes over spray off of gauges, stainless and plastic without damaging the surfaces.

A water ring can be used to cut down on dust and add cleaning power. Baking soda also neutralizes all the salts on metal surfaces for painting with a quick rinse. Also, bio-blasting the fins of fin cooler heat exchangers has proven to improve cooling efficiency over liquid cleanings up to 34%.