Capital Projects

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50% of our revenue is from capital projectsCapital Projects.

S&B FRAC VI @ Lone Star NGL
  • Completed in 2019, $2 million project touch up painting
  • 3 years without a lost time incident
  • 30 scaffold builders
  • 15 painters
  • 5 insulators

We have amassed $7 million in revenue over the last three years with Ref-Chem at Targa Mont Belvieu.


  • $3.5 million project
  • 100 man crew

We ran the job at 1.5 linear feet per man hour, which was 0.8 linear feet per man hour faster than our competition on the same job.

Scaffold case studies


In 2018 we worked a 1.5 million dollar scaffold project for Willbros. At the beginning of the project, we established the norms of 5 vertical leg feet (VLF) erected per man hour and 8 VLF on the tear down. Over a 6 month period, we were able to increase our VLF to 6 and 9, saving the customer thousands of dollars.

Targa Mont Belvieu

For the last 3 years, we have scaffolded at Targa Mont Belvieu, for a total $4.5 million in revenue. We have consistently kept up with their back log, and have ran a 6 and 9 VLF per man hour. This project is located inside of a live unit, so the extra safety precautions lowers our production rate.

Fireproofing Case Studies

We have performed $1.8 million worth of fireproofing this year. We perform mostly intumescent fireproofing, which is applied exactly like a spray coating. We have been able to lower the all inclusiave sqft cost of this procedure by 25%, as compared to the industry standard sqft price for the cement based fireproofing.

Enterprise Mont Belvieu

At Enterprise Mont Belvieu, we perform a yearly routine maintenance program that has us remove old, cracked cement based fireproofing and replace it with the intu-mescent version. Enterprise is extremely happy with the results.


We also performed fireproofing services for a capital project located at LyondellBasell Hyperzone this year. The project was $1 million project, and we had 22 fireproofers on site for 3 months.